CLOCS membership

Together we are stronger.  CLOCS is a co-operative model with each member contributing to defining safer practices, achieving wider impact, and effectively implementing a nationally recognised Standard to ensure the safest construction vehicle journeys. 

The CLOCS annual membership fee enables the CLOCS team to better support and promote CLOCS Champions and to ensure CLOCS is the robust national industry standard for all stakeholders across the UK.

Members also benefit from the following:

  • Public recognition of corporate social responsibility for community safety
  • Guidance and support with implementation
  • Access to the CLOCS Working Group
  • Invitation to the bi-monthly online Safety Forums
  • Listing on the CLOCS Directory
  • Access to CLOCS branding
  • Opportunity to feature in news articles and case studies in the CLOCS Bulletin
  • Access to discounted CLOCS Construction Logistics Plan (CLP) Training plus all Champions are also eligible for 1 free training place each membership year
  • Access to CLOCS Site Access Traffic Marshal training

What does a CLOCS Champion need to do?

A CLOCS Champion commits to:

  • Sharing a clear plan to get most of its sites and/or fleet operating centres to be CLOCS compliant within two years
  • Encouraging other organisations to adopt the CLOCS Standard
  • Strongly advising its key supply chain partners to also become CLOCS Champions

CLOCS Champion members are party to the CLOCS Memorandum of Understanding and CLOCS Terms of Reference.

What will it cost?

The annual fee to be a CLOCS member is £960+VAT (correct as at 1st August 2023)

CLOCS members willing to make a 3-year commitment to membership can benefit from a 10% discount on the overall fee by paying up front.  The current 3-year amount would be £2880+VAT, so the discounted rate is £2592+VAT, which is a saving of £288. Members taking advantage of this offer will also benefit from avoiding any further fee increases in the interim period.

By taking a 3-year fee, CLOCS can reduce the overhead cost of annual renewals and allow for long term planning and activities.  At the end of the 3-year period, members may wish to select a further extended/discounted membership at the appropriate rate at that time or revert to annual membership at the standard rates.

If interested, please just get in touch with the CLOCS team at