CLOCS is a national Standard for ensuring the safest construction vehicle journeys.

Over 350 UK construction companies and organisations have already signed up to CLOCS. Together we’re saving lives, but we need your help.

Many more people can be saved if CLOCS is adopted by every UK local authority.

It’s simple. CLOCS works.

The CLOCS works campaign - launched on 8th September 2020 - urges UK local authorities & metro city mayors to commit to CLOCS.

The construction industry is concerned. What will be the impact of the government’s drive for Active Travel as it coincides with its pledge to  ‘build, build, build’ our way out of the economic crisis caused by COVID-19.

We’ve sent a letter to every UK local authority Chief Executive & metro city mayor – asking them to adopt & implement CLOCS now. > View here

Local authorities need to commit to protecting their constituents and sign up to CLOCS. Help us save lives. Join the #CLOCSworks campaign


1.   Share our film using #CLOCSworks with everyone you know.

Abridged (3 mins) version available – ideal for sharing with anyone short on time: click here

2.   Write to your local authority. Use our template and personalise it to say why CLOCS is important in your area. Download here

Contact us to find your local representative


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Work for a Local Authority? 

Councils can use CLOCS to protect their constituents:

The construction sector is playing a pivotal role in Cardiff as the city recovers from the pandemic. But city developments, particularly active travel schemes, reinforce the need to ensure safe management of the highway and urban spaces during the delivery phases of major schemes. Supporting the adoption of the CLOCS standard within council procurements will raise collective awareness placing a requirement on construction primes, logistics firms and wider supply chain vehicle owners and users to mitigate accidents related to the movement of construction plant and vehicles. That’s why Cardiff supports the CLOCS initiative.  Paul Order, CEX of Cardiff Council

Understand more about the CLOCS Standard, How to embed CLOCS into the planning process to improve community safety and How to embed CLOCS in procurement

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