CLOCS Products

A number of CLOCS branded products are available for CLOCS Champion Fleet Operators to help our members meet fleet accreditation standards for safety sigange and will also promote their association with CLOCS and their commitment to protecting vulnerable road users.

These products are provided through Dawes Highway, working in colaboration with CLOCS, and are in line with their establshed high standards with the production and dispatch managed in-house to ISO:9001 standards coupled with £6.5m liability insurance.

Orders should be placed directly with CLOCS by emailing with details of the products required, the volumes, any specific needs and a delivery address.

Note that stickers can be bought seperately but any orders for PeoplePanels or Blind Spot signs must also include an order for stickers to confirm and promote your membership.

Postage and packaging costs apply and are detailed below.  


PeoplePanels® have been specifically developed following research that shows fitting a smooth flat panel over side guard rails significantly reduces the risk of serious injury or death in the event of a collision.

Dawes will manufacture PeoplePanels® bespoke for each customer to their measurements and design specifications


  • Under 1000mm - £TBC
  • 1000mm to 2000mm - £167.50
  • 2001mm to 3000mm - £200
  • 3001mm to 4050mm - £235
Blind spot signs

A mandatory rear warning signage for
vulnerable road users to be displayed on the back of vehicles.Made from the same materials as PeoplePanels®, countless fleets now
use these low cost, sensible rear warning signs
that will (within reason) last for the lifetime
of the vehicle.

Portrait design, size: W230mm x H295mm with black or red edging and available in magnetic or standard

Also available in landscape (W295mm x H230mm) and square (W300mm x H300mm)


£20 per sign
CLOCS sticker

A5 non-fade CLOCS stickers to promote your CLOCS membership and your commitment to protecting vulnerable road users.


£2.30 each with a minimum order of 30

Postage and packaging

  • Up to 4 PeoplePanels measuring up to 2500mm long = £35+VAT
  • 5-10 PeoplePanels measuring up to 2500mm long = £50+VAT
  • 11-20 PeoplePanels measuring up to 2500mm long = £65+VAT
  • Over 20 PeoplePanels, or PeoplePanels measuring over 2500mm needs to be quoted as the order comes in.

CLOCS will confirm the applicable delivery costs with the invoice.  Once paid, we will then pass the order across to Dawes Highway to process and dispatch.

Important note

CLOCS branded products can only be displayed on vehicles belonging to active CLOCS members which meet the requirements as outlined within the CLOCS Standard for Fleet Operators.  Should a member purchase CLOCS branded products and subsequently cancel or lapse their membership for any reason, they will be asked to remove all CLOCS branded products in a timely manner.