CLOCS Delivery Partners

As the CLOCS community grows and develops, we value the input and engagement from organisations that offer products and services that support CLOCS Champions in their efforts to deliver safer, leaner and greener construction logistics.

Whether through training those who work in vehicles or on projects, providing knowledge or expertise though consultancy services or developing new and innovative safety equipment, CLOCS Delivery Partners play a vital role in driving up standards.

CLOCS Delivery Partners recognise the positive impact that CLOCS has in reducing risk to vulnerable road users, improving air quality and increasing efficiencies, and look to support and enhance that work though the products or services that they offer.

CLOCS does not audit, approve or accredit any CLOCS Delivery Partner products or services, unless explicitly confirmed in writing with an appropriate accreditation logo. CLOCS Delivery Partners can apply to have their own training reviewed and approved by CLOCS and should contact the CLOCS team to understand the process and fees involved.

Click here to read the CLOCS Delivery Partnership Memorandum of Understanding.

Safety and compliance are key priorities for any construction or building project. That's where Ashview Consultants excels — With an extensive 25+ years of commitment and proven expertise. We deliver construction safety and health consultancy services that guarantee Client Confidence, uncompromising Compliance Assurance, and unwavering Design Safety. Across Ireland and the UK, our experienced team ensures your project meets all legal and safety requirements from initial concept through to design, construction, and future maintenance. Committed to client communication, we keep them informed at every stage, safeguarding their interests throughout the process. Building Safely Together.

AtoH brings transport and logistics expertise to the construction sector and is proud to support CLOCS as Delivery Partner. Whether it’s traffic management, logistics planning or upskilling staff, we have the breadth of experience to support local planning authorities, construction clients and contractors, and the fleet operators within their supply chains.

AtoH has previously provided subject matter expertise to develop and deliver the CLOCS Construction Logistics Planning courses as well as site specific training solutions for a range of construction contractors. The CLOCS approved Site Access Traffic Marshal (SATM) training course is our current focus which helps ensure site gate staff have the knowledge, skills and attitude operate safely.

Brigade Electronics is a market leader of safety devices, with solutions to suit all commercial vehicles and mobile plant. Its complimentary range of passive and active systems are designed to reduce the risk of collisions, protect workers, pedestrians and cyclists and assist the driver by minimising vehicle blind-spots. Brigade’s product range includes 360° camera systems, cameras, monitors, white sound® reversing alarms, obstacle detection sensors, obstacle detection radar and digital recorders.

In addition, Brigade offers an outstanding installation service through its nationwide network of Brigade approved, professional and trained fitters who ensure all products are fitted to the highest standards.

Kate Cairns BEng (Hons) MSc DIC CEng CEnv FICE is a Freelance Speaker|Trainer|Advisor and multi-award-winning, pioneering leader in construction logistics risk management. She has led changes to legislation, policy, and standards at European, national and local level.

Instrumental in the instigation of world-first standards in safety (CLOCS) and sustainability (CEEQUAL), Kate helps clients understand, implement, and embed best practice and realise synergies across safety, sustainability and inclusivity. She works with local authorities, planners, procurers, designers, clients and contractors to save time, money, reputation and lives.

Kate served on the CLOCS Board, delivers CLOCS CLP Training, and is a renowned CLOCS Expert. Glowing testimonials (LI) depict a formidable professional with personal poignancy who leaves a lasting impact.

At Construction Logistics Group it is our dedicated management system that source, vet, assign and manage
employees most appropriate for the needs of the client. We always select the most qualified team to both represent us
on site and efficiently work together from pre-construction to project completion.

For each project we ensure a variety of staff members are on hand to assist from start to finish, making sure each site is safe, secure and well managed at all times.

Crate is a software product, helping customers reduce costs, reduce risk exposure, improve compliance and to work more productively. Whether you’re a demolition site recording your material movements, or you’re a haulier managing your drivers’ daily tasks, Crate takes care of the administrative tasks so you can concentrate on growing your business. Use your business data in real-time to make safer, cleaner decisions.

Product features include Daily Vehicle Walk Around Checks (Unique technology enforcing a driver physically walks around their vehicle before starting their shift), Asset/ Plant Machinery Inspections, Workshop Management, Waste Transfer Notes/ Waste Management, CL:AIRE Material Notes, Aggregate Supply Notes, Fuel Delivery Records, General Proof Of Delivery, General Proof Of Collection, Driver Task Management, Vehicle Management, Live Carbon Footprint / Co2 Reporting, Live Data Reporting & Auditing, Offline Capability and much more.

Dawes Highway Safety was launched in 2014 by former Metropolitan Police Sergeant James Dawes BSc (Hons), CMILT. With many years of experience in front line policing and specialisms in collision response and vulnerable road user protection; his award-winning company is dedicated to risk reduction and saving lives through the use of progressive safety systems.

In 2016 James partnered with Mr Paul Holmes FCILT, AMIRTE former fleet manager of British Gas, Commercial Director of the Automobile Association and Founding Director of AA Drivetech. Since then, the company has taken a strategic industry position on the research, development and manufacture of innovative consipicuity safety equipment to the truck fleet and transport industry.

Dawes Highway Safety campaigns at the highest level for the adoption of safer working practices and is widely credited as the main driving force behind the national recognition of enhanced lateral side guard safety systems in the United Kingdom. As part of the company’s wider work, James is the Corporate Social Responsibility specialist advisor to the British Aggregates Association and has been personally instrumental in relaying CLOCS working practices to protect cyclists and pedestrians as far away as Australia.

The company is the proud supplier of CLOCS branded safety equipment and other CLOCS branded products that are listed on this website.

Fastview 360 is dedicated to providing superfast on-board CCTV vehicle recording systems.

Our solutions help protect drivers in the event of a traffic incident or dispute.  Our camera systems can be added to your existing vehicle tracking and load planning software saving you time, money and headaches when it comes to insurance claims.  We won't try to baffle you with risk management data, or sign you up to new tracking software - our camera systems will simply and easily protect you and your business from fraudulent claims.

FHOSS is a British-based safety company providing next generation safety solutions to a range of industries where the harm is an everyday factor. Through features such as illumination, physical controls, and AI Pedestrian Detection, the range of safety systems that FHOSS provides seek to protect pedestrians from severe injury and death. FHOSS are working towards a Zero Harm industry standard - Founder Andrew Kimitri said; “The concept of zero harm works off the idea that every employee, contractor, and visitor who enters a work site should be able to rely on an intact and safe working environment every single day.

The Lens-Tech Hi Vue Fresnel truck lens press-fits inside the passenger side window and is held firmly in place by its ‘peel-back’ self-adhesive. It provides an extra 30° downwards view for the HGV driver so that, 'at a glance' any vulnerable road user hidden in the mirror blind-spot can be seen, alongside the passenger door.

A Vantage Point van lens is press-fitted to the nearside window to mitigate the blind spot behind the van's nearside panelling so, whether joining a motorway exit lane, manoeuvring back into that tight loading bay or avoiding a low concrete bollard, the lens provides an extra 30° backwards and outwards view.

Lonsite Logistics are a leading provider of construction logistics services. The company was started by Michael Durkan, who saw a need for a specialised logistics company to support the growing demand for construction projects across the country.

With a focus on providing efficient and effective logistics solutions to construction companies, Lonsite quickly established itself as a reliable partner for some of the biggest names in the industry. The company's success was built on a commitment to customer service, innovation, and a deep understanding of the unique challenges facing construction logistics.

MCG Construction, part of The MCG Group, is a premiere choice for construction logistics and staffing solutions in the UK. Since our inception in 2010, our focus has been on navigating the intricacies of construction work in order to make it as hassle-free as possible for our clients.

We take care of various aspects of pre-construction planning (like site establishment, delivery management, and more) all the way through to project completion. We offer a full-service package designed to cover all facets of a project, but what makes us unique is our tailored approach. We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. We work closely with our skilled team of specialists to customise our services for each project, ensuring a seamless experience.

Our partnership with CLOCS signifies our unwavering commitment to the highest safety standards. By aligning with CLOCS, we prioritise the safety of everyone impacted by construction activities, ensuring that every aspect of our logistics operations adhere to best practices for a secure and sustainable construction environment.

With offices strategically located in Watford, London, Manchester and Sheffield, MCG Construction provides national coverage for reliable construction logistics in the UK. Our mission is to ensure safety, efficiency, and sustainability at every turn.

Motormax design and manufacture pioneering fleet safety solutions to prevent incidents. Products include Safetymax (audible/visual warnings), Rapid Fit (plug and play wiring looms), cameras, Live Platform DVR, CCTV, PDU and obstacle detection. Our latest AI technology includes Driver Safety Monitor to detect behaviours such as fatigue, distraction, smoking, mobile phone use.

We work with each customer to design bespoke solutions to solve challenges faced, and work with the UK’s largest fleet operators. With 25 years’ of experience we help our customers meet DVS, FORS and CLOCS standards and are proud to be a CLOCS Delivery Partner.

Specialising in vehicle safety equipment for over 30 years, Parksafe Group have worked with some of the UK and Europe's largest fleets supplying and manufacturing a comprehensive range of reliable, quality assured products for the whole automotive industry.

Our design and in-house development expertise has allowed us to remain at the forefront of new product developments and has helped us to establish ourselves as a leading automotive supplier.

Podfather is a technology company that specialises in the development, delivery and support, of software solutions that help companies plan and manage their vehicle fleets more efficiently.

Our software removes the need for paper tickets and delivers a cloud-based back office system and easy to use driver app that allows users to plan delivery and collection routes, collect vehicle defect checks, issue customer ETA notifications, track drivers and capture electronic proof of delivery.

Our customers include industry giants, such as Tarmac, Breedon and GRS, well know operators such as Rexel, Andrews Excavations, ODDBOX, Oxfam and the NHS and a whole host of other fleet operators working across a range of industry sectors.

With Podfather you can control costs, run more efficiently and safely, improve customer experience and facilitate business growth.

Sandstone Communications teach key skills for use in business in real world scenarios, enhancing employees’ ability to thrive under pressure, solve problems, communicate more effectively and facilitate resilience in themselves and their teams.

Sandstone show them how to filter out perception in favour of reality, and the importance of focusing on intelligence rather than just information.

And the Sandstone team members have very diverse backgrounds and experiences - but with one thing in common: they have learnt, developed and used the skills contained in our sessions for real in challenging environments. This enables them not just to train their participants, but to inspire them to excellence.

Screen4 Limited has played a key part in driving and implementing best practice Drug and Alcohol testing in safety Sensitive industries for over 14 years. We are a world leader in the Drug and Alcohol testing industry with operational bases in the UK,  Middle East and Far East and we have a broad range of industry specific experience including Drug and Alcohol Testing, Training and Awareness programs, tailored Support and Employee Campaigns.

We can help a range of sectors and industries and take you through every step of implementing a comprehensive program for your operational needs.

Techno CTA Ltd is a private and professional, approved Training and Assessment Provider delivering a wide range of courses within various trades including Construction, Railway, Plant Operation and Health and Safety.

The Driver Handbook is a digital solution that revolutionises driver communications. Drivers in construction supply chains need access to essential safety information. Whether regulatory policies, safe working practices or site-specific rules, the information needs to be clear, relevant and up to date.

We’ve powered up the traditional driver handbook and developed a library of editable content, a web-based content management system and a mobile app that connects managers with drivers anytime, anywhere. Content can be tailored to include customer requirements, local procedures, toolbox talks, inductions or anything that drivers need to know.

Book a demo to see how you can communicate with drivers effectively, efficiently and easily.