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Feltham Construction Ltd was established in 1972 and is a regional contractor delivering construction projects with values ranging from �300,000 up to �20M, completed on both a Design and Build and Traditional forms of contract. The company operates as Principal Contractor on all the projects which we deliver and views the CLOCS standards as an integral part of our commitment to maintaining a safe working environment on all our sites. Feltham completes new construction projects within a wide range of business sectors, the majority of which within the residential and education sectors. Many of the residential projects are constructed within an existing estate which places a large responsibility on the management of vehicle movements in the areas surrounding our sites. Logistical planning is a critical part of our preparation duties during the pre-construction stage which is compatible with the CLOCS standards. Similarly on Education projects, vehicle movements in and around the operational School or College carries an enhanced risk and the planning works completed by our management team in collaboration with the key stakeholders makes sure that we maintain our excellent Health & Safety record on all of our projects. The CLOCS standard is a formalisation of our established procedures which we will continue to deliver against with the continued support and commitment of our supply chain partners.

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