London Borough of Tower Hamlets


The London Borough of Tower Hamlets is a local authority located at the heart of London's East End. It is a culturally vibrant, diverse and densely populated borough with over 200,000 people living within eight square miles. The borough is under intense development pressure, having four Opportunity Areas (OA) as identified in the Mayor�s London Plan, forming part of the Central London, Elizabeth Line East and Thames Estuary growth corridors. The Council recognise that with the positive aspects of growth in terms of delivering improved access to housing, education, employment and health opportunities there can also be significant negative impacts from cumulative construction activity affecting a range of social, environmental and economic indicators. Through the inclusion of the CLOCS Standard into our policy and guidance documents (Local Plan and Code of Construction Practice) the Council require that new developments (strategic and major) address main transport impact/risks in delivering the project safely before consent is granted via submission of a Construction Logistics Plan (CLP). The Council are committed to maintaining the safety of residents in the public realm through improved coordination around �planned measures� to effect fewer collisions and improve air quality through a reduction in emissions and vehicle journeys.

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