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  • 30 Freightliner Road, Brighton Street Industrial Estate , Hull, Yorkshire and Humber, HU3 4UW 
  • 07549124683 
  • http://www.m-ar.co.uk 
  • East Midlands, East of England, Greater London, North East, North West, Northern Ireland, Scotland, South East, South West, Wales, West Midlands, Yorkshire and Humber 

We operate a successful, experienced, and resilient modular manufacturer and contractor business. We like to call ourselves 'A contractor with a factory!' M-AR was incorporated in 2007 (as Module-AR LTD) and our business has steadily grown revenue and market offering for its customers with great success year on year. We deliver permanent modular and hybrid construction solutions across several market sectors including Residential, Educational and commercial. Whilst our operations are diverse (a deliberate strategy to insulate its manufacture operations from sector market conditions), we have grown a specialist team for the residential market and regularly contract with developers, to design, engineer, manufacture, store, transport, install, test and commission products.

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