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Blakedown carrys out all aspects of specialist hard and soft landscape construction. This is mainly achieved using our own, experienced in-house workforce to deliver high quality landscaping and engineering projects that exceed client expectations. Blakedown have extensive experience in delivering high quality environmental improvements and landscape construction services. These projects have included our own design and build schemes as well as working closely with clients' design teams. These schemes usually involve working in the live environment and require high levels of interaction with residents and the general public. Blakedown has a long history of completing successful public park restoration projects across the United Kingdom. Many of these projects have involved the sympathetic restoration of established parks and open spaces to recreate the original designs and features of the construction whilst introducing new facilities for the use of the local community. We have a dedicated team of maintenance staff, adept at working around difficult constraints and equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art machinery. We can tackle everything from a sports field to large-scale highway maintenance. Blakedown are an API approved contractor for play area construction across the UK. We are able to construct safe and fun play areas built to our clients' requirements and we offer the full service in-house from bespoke play equipment to safety surfacing.

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