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  • Regina House, 2nd Floor,, 1-5, Queen Street, London , London, EC3R 6HE 
  • 02076510900 
  • http://www.dragados.co.uk 
  • Greater London, Scotland 

DRAGADOS has an unparalleled international experience in infrastructure projects, bridges, highways, tunnels, dams and marine works, and is a leader in the execution of concession projects. Dragados has built more than 7,000 km of highways, 3,500 kilometres of roads, 1,500 bridges, 1,380 kilometres of tunnels, 545 maritime works, 250 dams and hydroelectric power plants, 1,700 kilometres of railroads, rail transportation and numerous railway facilities and 70 million square metres of different types of buildings such as airports, hospitals, museums, high-rise buildings and residential building constructions.

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