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For 55+ years, R&M Williams have established a reputable image, successfully completing complex projects and services across Wales and the West. Over the last five years, our professional team has successfully delivered over £100m in framework and repeat partnering agreements in Wales and the West, including education and public sector projects. We employ 150+ tradespeople across our local area of operation – versatile, flexible and multi-disciplined, committed to delivering exceptionally high standards of workmanship, expertise and excellence in construction, refurbishment and restoration, maintenance and decoration. Our extensive portfolio of public and private sector clients coupled with high volumes of repeat business are testament to our capabilities: £30 million average yearly turnover over the last five years; projects managed through JCT/NEC forms of contract between under £200k to over £15million. We self-deliver many types of specialist works (EWI, cladding, Listed refurbishments, fire safety etc.) while maintaining a robust specialist supply chain to supplement our own skills. We continuously enhance the expertise of our operatives and managers, improving the services we offer and exceeding client expectations. Our values align with the seven pillars of the Well-being of Future Generations Act, and we invest in our people and our areas of operation to support and contribute to a more resilient Wales, ensuring future generations can continue our legacy with fair and equal opportunities and support to thrive. The foundations we have laid over the last 5 decades in diversifying our services and investing in our staff, ensures we are ideally placed to meet the ever-challenging requirements of our clients, to excellent levels of satisfaction (KPIs 95%+ on average, CCS scores Excellent on average). Our ambition is to continue broadening both the services that we provide and our geographical coverage as we go forward.

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