FORS Licence Checking

31 Oct 2018

FORS is working in partnership with Licence Bureau Limited, the country’s leading provider of secure driver licence checks, to provide FORS Driver Licence Checking Service.

This service is designed to minimise the hassle and risk associated with checking whether your drivers are safe and legally compliant to operate your vehicles. Built to help manage the licence checking process, the system notifies the user of any drivers whose licence status changes and allows the user to add actions and thus provide the audit trail required for compliance checks.

This service is available to all organisations, whether or not they manage a commercial fleet, and can be used for any employee driving any type of vehicle on company time for business purposes. FORS members are entitled to preferential rates for using this service as part of their membership.

The FORS Standard states that driving licence checks shall be conducted prior to drivers starting employment and at least every six months.

To register with FORS, please click here. FORS is a voluntary accreditation scheme open to organisations operating any vehicles that are involved in the movement of materials, products, valuables, equipment, tools, waste, food, vehicles, luggage or people.

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