National Road Safety Week 19th to 25th November

30 Oct 2018

Free CLOCS banners for your site hoardings

To support Road Safety week 2018, CLOCS is giving away a free banner and poster to CLOCS champions who sign up for the new membership arrangement before close of business on Friday 9th of November.

These eye-catching banners will promote your commitment to keeping the community safe and alert people to the importance of taking extra time and care to ‘look out for HGVs’. They are specifically designed to communicate with the public and for display on the outside of your hoardings or facilities. You should receive them in time to start using them in Road Safety Week.

Use this link to sign up for now for CLOCS Champion membership and/or to claim your free banner/poster if you have already committed to CLOCS membership.

We’d also like you do take a really active part in National Road Safety week – here are some ideas:

  • Display your CLOCS poster/banner
  • Visit a school or go to your local scout group– let the kids see the view from your cab when one of their friends rides a bike or crosses in front of them
  • Run an exchanging places event just outside your site hoardings
  • Invite the local community into your site office and show them how you manage deliveries to and from site

Send us your pictures and stories – email:

CLOCS Posters and banners are available to purchase here.