CLOCS Standard (Version 3) from January 2019

4 Oct 2018

Reviewed every two years to ensure it remains progressive and pragmatic, the revised CLOCS Standard (version 3):

  1. Has an Executive Summary to help readers quickly understand the document and importantly the headline requirements placed on each key construction project stakeholder
  2. Broadens the context to ensure project stakeholders reduce collisions, emissions and congestion within the community
  3. Seeks to increase the positive influence project stakeholders can have on each other and increase the information flow between them to ensure all parties understand their individual and collective performance
  4. Has a document structure to ensure each party is clear on their responsibilities
  5. Names Regulators, particularly Planning and Highways Authorities, as a key project stakeholder (alongside Clients, Principal Contractors and Fleet Operators) and gives specific responsibilities to make Construction Logistics Plans a prerequisite for planning consent and ensure effective monitoring and mechanisms exist to quickly address breaches
  6. Requires Fleet Operators to ensure all vehicle operations over 3.5 tonnes to meet the requirements described as Silver in the FORS Standard and provide evidence of compliance that the procurer defines. Together this defines one national standard that all organisations called for, without restricting accreditation routes

The new CLOCS Standard will be published soon.