FORS Overseer Dashboard

3 Sep 2018

FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) has launched a dashboard to help organisations that oversee a FORS accredited supply chain. Available exclusively to FORS Champions, the dashboard can be used to look up FORS organisations using two distinct approaches:

  • By regions via the registered postcode
  • By contracts via the FORS ID or organisation name

 Using the dashboard is easy, and key features include:

  • Seeing who is operating in given postcode regions
  • Viewing and exporting lists of FORS operators in a FORS supply chain
  • Monitoring operators' FORS status and upcoming expiry dates
  • Requesting a call-back from an operator
  • Sending an email to the FORS compliance team about a specific operator

The dashboard displays the search results in a map and table format, indicating days to expiry of an operator's current level of FORS accreditation making it easy to manage checks of operators' accreditations.

If you are not yet registered as a FORS Champion, you can do so with FORS here

Once approved as a FORS Champion, you will be able to access the new dashboard.

For more information and full guidance on the FORS Overseer Dashboard, please click here.