Met police release Exchanging Places 360 video

4 Sep 2018

360-degree virtual reality videos have been created as part of the Met’s road safety programme ‘Exchanging Places’, which aims to address the most common cause of serious injury and death to cyclists – collisions involving HGVs. Through the video, which is displayed in a headset, members of the public can see the view from a HGV driver’s perspective - seeing what a driver can and can’t see from the cab. Viewers will also be able to see the scenes from a cyclist’s perspective.

Chief superintendent Colin Wingrove, from the Met’s Roads and Transport Policing Command (RTPC), said: “When someone’s mobility is restricted, the knowledge and confidence imparted by Exchanging Places is even more important – I hope that this film is seen by as many people as possible who cannot get to one of our ‘real’ events.”

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