What is a CLOCS Champion? Client & Principal Contractors

3 Sep 2018

As a CLOCS champion, a client or principal contractor is committed to taking collaborative action to prevent harm to community members particularly from fatal or serious injury collisions between vehicles servicing construction projects and people – particularly pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

For a client or principal contractor to become a CLOCS Champion, it needs to have:

  • at least 20% of its sites to be compliant to the CLOCS Standard, and
  • a clear plan to get the majority of its sites to be CLOCS compliant within 2 years

For a client or principal contractor to remain a CLOCS Champion, it needs to:

  • ensure at least 20% of sites declared as CLOCS compliant are assessed by the CLOCS/site monitoring team (CCS)

To establish CLOCS as a robust and sustainable standard, all CLOCS Champions commit to achieving and evidencing progressive levels of compliance and validate this by completing an Implementation Plan that:

  • declares current level of compliance
  • sets headline goals towards wider implementation
  • describes how CLOCS will be promoted/championed
    • internally by adding colleagues to receive CLOCS Bulletins/alerts
    • and externally through newsletters, website and to your supply chain and customers

This Plan must be revised annually - when the CLOCS team carries out your annual review there will be an expectation that you have:

  • made progress towards your goals
  • set new targets
  • provided evidence of compliance
  • learned lessons from and communicated as appropriate the results of your Site Monitoring Reports

The CLOCS team’s role is to make sure you get the best value from being a CLOCS Champion, to support your progress and share experience across the community.

As an organisation progresses and systems and processes are developed and embedded, CLOCS will become ‘business as usual’ for all CLOCS Champions.

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