FORS publishes first edition of 'FORS Focus on Transport Trends'

1 Aug 2023

FORS’ aim with its series of ‘FORS Focus on Transport Trends’ is to provide a comprehensive overview of key topics in the transport space. Through gathering insights from the FORS community, product manufacturers and other influential stakeholders, the guides give operators an overall picture of a topic they should know about. They also contain predictions of what’s to come from industry experts.

In this first edition, FORS explores the current state of the safety technology market, including:

  • How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the game when it comes to fleet safety
  • How FORS accredited operators are harnessing new safety technology
  • The latest technologies and systems causing a stir in the market
  • Digital solutions for managing risk and improving safety
  • The complex legal landscape around AI and autonomous technologies
  • Advancements in driver training and remote learning

To download your free copy of FORS Focus on Transport Trends: How technology is shaping the fleet safety landscape, click here.