Our community grows

19 May 2023

With CLOCS Strategic Partnership and Delivery Partnership launched since the start of the year, we wanted to recognise some new members of the CLOCS community.

We are delighted that 2 of our existing members, LHC and Mission Zero, have now switched to Strategic Partner status to better reflect our ongoing and collaborative relationship, and we are equally delighted to have CIRAS join our community.

The full list of Strategic Partners can be found here.

We also welcome a number of new Delivery Partners to our ranks.  Fastview360, Lonsite Limited, MinTrain and Techno Construction Training & Assessment Ltd were all existing CLOCS Champions who made the switch to Delivery Partner status, while Cairns Consultancy and The Driver Handbook Limited have signed up as brand new members.

The full list of Delivery Partners can be found here.

Finally, we have 5 new Champions who have signed up in recent weeks - Mobius Recycling Group Ltd, Make One Group, D&S Titu Services Ltd, Hartcrown Ltd and MBM Groundworks.

The CLOCS Directory can be found here.

Welcome to everyone and thanks for your commitment to safer, leaner and greener construction logistics.

 We look forward to working together with all CLOCS Partners and Champions in the future and will provide updates on some new developments in future Bulletins.