CLOCS Safety Forum #15 - HGV safety in the urban environment

30 Mar 2023

Ensuring construction-related vehicles are as safe as possible is a fundamental element of the CLOCS Standard. This can involve ensuring vehicles are fitted with appropriate safety equipment, capturing relevant data which can be used to improve the driver experience and ensuring drivers have as much vision – direct and through the use of mirrors and camera - of their surroundings as practicably possible.

At this safety forum, we were joined by Scott Wilding from Transport for London who provided an update on TfL’s plan for DVS2 and the Progressive Safe System (PSS) which applies to those with HGVs above 12 tonnes rated 0,1 and 2 stars.

Scott talked through the progress to date and the demonstrable impact these improvements have had on reducing fatal and serious collisions. He ran through the need for Phase 2 and the process that has been undertaken to develop the PSS.

Scott outlined the proposals around mirrors, camera monitoring systems, side sensors, Moving Off Information Systems and audible vehicle warning, also suggesting there will be no changes to standards around warning signage or side guards.

Finally, he also talked about actions being taken to address some of the existing process issues. Scott concluded by outlining the next steps including the timeline to launch

Scott’s slides are provided with these notes and we would encourage everyone to find time to provide feedback as part of this consultation using the following link.

We also heard from Anna Wrige Berling, Traffic and Product Safety Director for Volvo Trucks, and John Comer, Head of Product Management for UK and Ireland, also from Volvo Trucks, who talked about imminent safety developments in vehicle design linked to general safety regulations and what else is appearing on the horizon.

Anna commenced by outlining the Volvo vision of zero fatalities or serious injuries with Volvo trucks, and talked around what they do to get closer to that vision. She then talked through some of the solutions that have been developed and implemented including distance alert systems and side collision avoidance support.

They talked through the General Safety Regulation update (EU), which of these solutions are already within the Volvo offer and how others would be implemented over the next several years.

There was also a interesting discussion around the balance between having safe systems and a safe driver, and how the two must operate in harmony to ensure the safest vehicle journeys.

Again, the Volvo slides are provided along with these notes along with Anna and John’s contact details should anyone wish to discuss any aspect of their presentation in more detail.

Looking forward

CLOCS would urge delegates to complete the TFL consultation as above. It is fantastic to see some of the new developments being looked at by Volvo and it will be interesting to see how and when these come to market over the year.

And finally...

Our thanks to Scott, Anna and John for giving up their time to share their knowledge and insights with the CLOCS community, and thanks also those who attended, sharing their own insights and experiences. The voice of Champions is vital to the success of CLOCS so please contact the team if you have any queries, suggestions or concerns about any aspect of CLOCS.

CLOCS needs you…..
These Safety Forums are designed to support and inform Champions so please do let us know if you have any suggestions for future topics or whether you, or someone you know, would want to come along to a future Forum and share their expertise on a particular topic.

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