CLOCS Delivery Partners

23 Mar 2023

As the CLOCS community has grown and developed over the years, we have a organisations within our membership that offer products and services that support our Champions in their efforts to deliver safer, leaner and greener construction logistics.

Whether through training those who work in vehicles or on projects, providing knowledge or expertise though consultancy services or developing new and innovative safety equipment, these organisations play a vital role in driving up standards and CLOCS would now like to recognise the importance of what they do by launching CLOCS Delivery Partnership.

CLOCS has now written to a number of existing Champions to invite them to become Delivery Partners and we’re delighted to already have positive responses from 3RiO Group Limited, Atoh Solutions, Brigade Electronics, Lens-Tech Co Limited, Motormax, Parksafe Group and Screen4 (Yorkshire) Ltd.  We are looking forward to having a number more join this group over the coming weeks.

CLOCS Delivery Partners recognise the positive impact that CLOCS has in reducing risk to vulnerable road users, improving air quality and increasing efficiencies, and look to support and enhance that work though the products or services that they offer.

Benefits of becoming a CLOCS Delivery Partner include:

  • being part of the CLOCS Community
  • access to CLOCS Delivery Partner branding – this can be used on stationery, email, websites or any marketing material
  • listing on CLOCS website
  • opportunities to promote products or services through case studies in the CLOCS Bulletin newsletter and via the online CLOCS Safety Forums, demonstrating how you can help CLOCS Champions raise standards and achieve best practice
  • support on social media
  • potential sponsorship, events and marketing opportunities
  • opportunity to collaborate with CLOCS or CLOCS members to develop new initiatives

Like CLOCS Champion status, it is an annual membership that requires an annual fee and Delivery Partners will be issued with a membership certificate and CLOCS Delivery Partner logo.

CLOCS is the national standard for construction road safety and It is therefore vital that any organisation looking to join the CLOCS community as a Delivery Partner and use the CLOCS branding to promote their association with CLOCS is able to demonstrate that the company’s products or services support the aims and objectives of CLOCS to reduce collisions, improve safety standards, create efficiencies or reduce emissions, and must operate in a way that is consistent with the CLOCS aim and objectives and not present a reputational risk to CLOCS or members of the CLOCS community.

All new CLOCS Delivery Partners will be asked to provide:

  1. a client testimonial from an organisation who have used or are using the product or service and are willing to provide a positive comment on its quality, effectiveness and relevance to CLOCS
  2. a case study or report outline how they support the CLOCS objectives which will be published on the CLOCS website.

All CLOCS Delivery Partners will also be asked to accept the Memorandum of Understanding.

Anyone interested in becoming a CLOCS Delivery Partner should contact CLOCS Business Development Manager, Sophie Saint, to discuss.

Note that CLOCS reserves the right to decline an application if it is felt that the products or service are not relevant to CLOCS or the organisation has not been able to provide a suitable testimonial and/or case study.

CLOCS does not audit, approve or accredit any CLOCS Delivery Partner products or services, unless explicitly confirmed.