James Burrell Builder's Merchant talk CLOCS

21 Mar 2023

Driver safety and efficiency is a top priority of James Burrell, which is why we are committed to making a difference actively promoting and implementing the national CLOCS standard across our company. Additionally, we strive to be an industry leader showing those within the construction industry the importance of meeting the CLOCS Standard across all working practices.

As a business, we are dedicated to working together to improve the health and safety standards across all of our company operations, which as a builder’s merchant is heavily reliant on work related road safety, both within our branches and the transport of goods to our customers. As such we see it as our responsibility to be an influentially positive industry leader to those across the construction industry as a whole.

As part of our dedication to road safety, all our drivers continuously take part in training to ensure they are maximising efficiency whilst at the same time ensuring all vulnerable road users are safe at all times. We also make a conscious effort to develop their awareness of any new legislation and ways in which they can increase their performance and awareness of their environmental impact.

Safety, efficiency and environmental protection are top priorities at James Burrell. Our long-term investment progressing to become FORS Silver and CLOCS Champion has maintained our focus on the continuous improvement and dedication we place on the successfully safe operations of our fleet.  This now includes 49 vehicles ranging from crane and off-loading vehicles to sprinter vans and flatbed vehicles which are capable of delivering 350 tonnes of material first load every day.

As part of our commitment, all our wagons are fitted with vulnerable road user warning signage, side under-run protection, close proximity sensors, a blind spot camera, audible alerts for vehicles turning left and Class V and VI mirrors. Older wagons across our fleet have been retrospectively fitted with the additional requirements to ensure our full fleet is of the same high standard. These additions to our wagons make sure they are carrying out their daily deliveries using the safest practices for themselves and those around them, both throughout their journey and on site.

Paul Butler, our Health and Safety and Transport Manager said:

“At James Burrell Builders Merchants, we pride ourselves on delivering our goods in a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly manner. Progressing to FORS Silver and becoming a CLOCS champion highlights this. Our drivers have undergone training to ensure all vulnerable road users can feel safe when encountering one of our vehicles on the road and our dedicated transport planners ensure all deliveries are planned to minimise disruption, maximise available space, and most importantly ensure safety. It’s a fantastic achievement.”

 We are fully committed to continue our journey as a CLOCS Champion, recognising ways in which we can work together as an industry to improve safe working practices and road safety helping to protect vulnerable road users.