The City of London and CLOCS are to run their first CLP training

16 Jan 2023

CLOCS is strengthening its collaboration with local authorities to improve the quality of Construction Logistics Planning (CLP) in local areas. The City of London and CLOCS are to run their first CLP training for the London borough’s clients and contractors. 

The joint CLOCS - City of London CLP training provides a unique opportunity for Local authority and their stakeholders together to go through the logistics planning, consider specific challenges related to the area, improve communication between the stakeholders and raise awareness about the regulator’s expectations to help contractors be better prepared for successful planning permission. 

The demand for CLP training was so high that a second session is already under consideration to take place later in the year. 

A Construction Logistics Plan (CLP) provides the framework for understanding and managing construction vehicle activity into and out of a proposed development. It includes a full assessment of all phases of construction and gives details on routing, traffic management and community considerations. Construction Logistics Plans are the golden thread that runs through the CLOCS Standard. 

If you represent a Local authority, have a chat with Sophie Saint 07483919590 to organise CLP training for your area.