Road Safety Week 2022

1 Nov 2022

CLOCS is delighted to be supporting Road Safety Week on 14-20th November, the road safety campaign. 

The theme of Road Safety Week 2022 is SAFE ROADS FOR ALL, bringing together communities and professionals to shout out for everyone's right to make safe and healthy journeys on safe roads. As a community of champions aiming to improve construction logistics and make construction sites safer, CLOCS will share messages from professionals and enthusiasts who are passionate about inclusivity when it comes to road safety.

We call CLOCS champions and all stakeholders in the construction sector to join us for #RoadSafetyWeek, pass the message about the importance of inclusivity to keep everyone safe on the roads, no matter who they are or how they travel and raise awareness of key areas of construction logistics. 

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Day 1

With 14.1 million disabled people in the UK, do we really know what it means to be inclusive when moving around our streets?

Michael Barratt MBE is the Construction Advisory and Innovations Manager at Transport for London(TfL). His team focuses on reducing construction inefficiencies and protecting the community (walking, cycling and environment). Michael observed the barriers to access some people experience on a daily basis in his "valuing people" workshop around the construction sites in London. Raising awareness of who is impacted by construction is top of the agenda especially as the industry often inadvertently designs in barriers to access (disability).

Learn how Michael Barratt and his team help to remove barriers to access.

Day 2

CLOCS run the best-in-class online training sessions for professionals involved in Construction Logistics Planning (CLP) to help them improve productivity and performance, reduce road risks, emissions and complaints from local communities. CLOCS encourages collaboration between stakeholders to consider all road users when implementing their CLP’s to create the leanest, greenest and safest journeys for all.

“One of the best training sessions since my time in the construction industry” - said Meroz Arshid from SCS railways, a CLOCS CLP training session attendee, 5th May 2022

We have trained 132 construction logistics professionals from around 45 companies in 2022, providing better and more consistent construction logistics planning.

Find out more about CLP Training and its benefits.

Day 3

CLOCS created and nurtured a community of passionate road safety champions for construction logistics. We provide guidance and standards to improve site logistics, and we have hundreds of companies across the country implementing the CLOCS standard. Inclusivity is at the heart of what we do at CLOCS.

Contact us to learn more about CLOCS and how we help create Roads Safe for All.

Day 4

Site Access Traffic Marshals (SATMs) stationed at the site entrance are the primary and critical interface between the site, fleet operations and the public. They ensure only authorised vehicles and people enter the site, while also ensuring vehicles entering and leaving the site do so safely and efficiently.

Learn more about the importance and benefits of SATM training for construction logistics professionals.

Day 5

The latest technology in fleet safety is becoming more and more popular as operators aim to manage safer fleets. It’s incredible how the industry is moving towards Road Safety for all using the latest innovative technology. We are delighted to share a CLOCS Champion’s case study which illustrates the importance of technology in construction logistics. 

Motormax’s exclusive product range, Safetymax creates critical and potentially life-saving audible and visual alerts which are communicated clearly to drivers with timely warnings for them to act, i.e. ‘tail lift not stowed’. The innovative system combines camera, viewing, warnings and parking sensor technology to give drivers enhanced visibility whilst manoeuvring.

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Huge Thanks to all CLOCS champions and partners who supported #RoadSafetyWeek in 2022 and continue championing greener, leaner and safer construction sites.