Reminder to conduct site self-assessments

26 Sep 2022

To assist principal contractors establish how they are performing against the CLOCS requirements at site level, CLOCS has developed a number of resources which are available on the CLOCS website.

Monitoring compliance of site operations against the CLOCS Standard is critical to ensure all parties consistently meet that standard and, where necessary, take appropriate positive action where an organisation falls short in some way.

All CLOCS Champions commit to complying with the CLOCS Standard or working towards full compliance across their operations.

That commitment requires validation, either internally for an organisation’s own monitoring or externally to demonstrate compliance to a contractor, client, framework or planning authority.

All contractors should be undertaking self-assessments across their operations – these are free to conduct and should provide contractors with useful data on how their projects are actually performing, highlighting high levels of performance and also indicating areas for further development.

Where appropriate, these self-assessments can be validated through a formal visit from the CLOCS monitoring team, delivered by the Considerate Constructors Scheme’s field-based Monitors.  For a small fee, a Monitor will visit the project and validate the self-assessment identifying best practice and highlighting possible areas for improvement.

Awareness is always the first step towards compliance so please do access these resources and share them with your site teams.