Procuring fleet operations in line with CLOCS

26 Sep 2022

The CLOCS Standard was updated in August 2022 to acknowledge that other fleet accreditations can be used to demonstrate compliance with CLOCS whilst retaining the level of performance as described as FORS Silver as the benchmark.

The CLOCS Standard states that Clients shall specify in tender and contract documents that all stakeholders comply to the CLOCS Standard, and that Principal Contractors shall procure fleet operations that comply with the requirements of the CLOCS Standard.

The CLOCS Standard requires fleet operators to meet the standard ‘described as’ FORS Silver but feedback received from CLOCS Stakeholders indicated that an insufficient proportion of fleet operators in many areas of the UK, including rural areas, currently have FORS Silver accreditation, so contractors have to either accept different evidence that demonstrates the CLOCS Standard is being met or accept a different level of performance in the short term.

CLOCS has developed guidance for all organisations who are looking to procure in line with the CLOCS Standard on how they should approach instances where operators are unable to demonstrate FORS Silver accreditation.  It gives a simple process to follow putting control, and importantly, responsibility, in the hands of the procurer.


The guidance acknowledges that other fleet accreditation schemes or management systems can be used to demonstrate compliance with the CLOCS Standard and some of these are listed on the CLOCS website here.