When a precise location is vital, what3words may be the answer

22 Dec 2021

The ability to find, save and communicate precise locations is an integral part of building a resilient, connected national infrastructure. As cities continue to grow and new urban infrastructure solutions are developed, what3words is providing a universal and globally used addressing system that has the accuracy required for technology integration but is simple and accessible for everyone to use. With its proven success at improving last-mile delivery efficiencies, what3words can help construction and logistics organisations to meet green targets via more accurate deliveries and electric mobility solutions.

As more individuals, facilities, transport networks, infrastructure companies and emergency services adopt what3words, so more people have access to better, safer and more efficient services.

what3words is an innovative solution to the problem of poor addressing. It’s a simple way to identify precise locations. Every 3 metre square has been given a unique combination of three words. For example, ///indoor.crush.cherry is the what3words address for a precise location on the side of the M1, which is much easier to say than its corresponding GPS coordinates (51.879245, -0.45114900) and more reliable than a verbal description.

what3words addresses are as accurate as GPS coordinates, but they are easier to remember, and quicker to say over the phone, or enter into a device by voice or text. There’s also error-prevention technology built into the what3words system, which helps users to quickly identify and correct input mistakes.

what3words is free for individuals to use via a mobile app for iOS or Android or an online map at map.what3words.com. what3words can also be easily built into other platforms, products and services via its API.

Find out more about how what3words is being used across the construction industry here: https://what3words.com/business/infrastructure