Update to CLOCS Strategy, Standards and Governance Board

11 Nov 2021

In 2019, the CLOCS Working Group agreed that a ‘Strategy Standards and Governance Board’ (SSGB) should be developed to provide balanced national oversight to reflect CLOCS’ increasingly national focus and co-investment.  The SSGB complements the operation of the CLOCS Working Group where selected CLOCS Champions discuss key opportunities and challenges the industry faces in ensuring the safest construction vehicle journeys, to share best practice, to inform the development and improvement of the CLOCS, and to help drive CLOCS adoption across the UK. The group also work closely with the CLOCS team to drive development and provide insight and guidance on industry matters.

This year we see Kate Cairns (See Me Save me), Peter Sharman (Mulalley), Martin Lovegrove (Berkeley Group) and Martin Blake (University of Manchester) all stand down after completing their 3-year term on the Board. They are thanked for their commitment and contribution.

Three new SSGB members have been appointed with immediate effect, they are Mark Evans (University of Warwick), Ruth Trant (Alandale Logistics) and Nick Simmons (RoadPeace).

The SSGB has also nominated a Chair and Vice-Chair to provide leadership and ensure the SSGB operates in line with the group’s Terms of Reference, with Gordon Sutherland (Tideway) and Adrian Boughtflower (Jacobs) filling these roles respectively.

Andy Brooke, CLOCS Programme Director stated ‘I cannot overstate the commitment and support we receive from every member of the SSGB and the value of their knowledge, experience and positive attitude in helping us drive CLOCS onwards. They represent the key stakeholder groups with passion and wisdom and we look forward to continuing our work with the new Board members with Gordon and Adrian at the helm’.