Find out about the update to the FORS Standard

6 Sep 2021

FORS - the voluntary accreditation scheme for any company operating commercial vehicles anywhere in the UK or overseas - will publish version 6.0 of the FORS Standard in October 2021, with implementation from Friday 1 July 2022.

Version 6.0 has been informed through extensive industry feedback across a variety of platforms, including feedback from the FORS team, detailed technical input from the FORS Standard Review Working Group, and the wider FORS Governance and Standards Advisory Group (GSAG), which comprises a range of key stakeholders and supporters of FORS. This update is intended to be a pragmatic and incremental change from the current version 5.1 to be manageable by the industry during this particularly challenging period.

FORS will be hosting a series of free webinars from Tuesday 19 October 2021 to provide an overview of the changes at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. FORS Champions are welcome to attend on whichever date/time suits them best - please follow the links below to sign up on the relevant date:

It is free to be a FORS Champion - register here if you are interested, or you can email to find out more.