FORS to publish version 6.0 of the FORS Standard in October 2021

9 Aug 2021

FORS - the voluntary accreditation scheme for any company operating commercial vehicles anywhere in the UK or overseas - has announced it will launch version 6.0 of the FORS Standard in October 2021, with implementation starting from Friday 1 July 2022.

FORS Standard version 6.0 is in its final stages of development and approval. FORS Governance and Standards have been developing the final text of version 6.0 in consultation with members of the FORS Governance and Standards Advisory Group (GSAG), a body comprising FORS operators and specifiers, as well as the Standard Review Working Group, a subgroup to GSAG.

Version 6.0 is designed to be an iterative step following on from the current version 5.1. It has been developed through engagement with FORS members and the wider industry, responding to the challenge of improving vulnerable road users’ safety, fleet sustainability, and operational efficiency.

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