Working Group reminder

2 Jul 2021

The next Working Group is Thursday 15th July, 09:00 to 12:30 on Zoom.

This is an opportunity for Champions to shape CLOCS. Champions can apply to join the group by messaging



Progress updates 

  • Increased Champion fee 
  • Nominations for SSGB 
  • 2021 Standard review 
  • Safety Forum review 

Breakout rooms – developing break-through solutions to drive progress 

  1. Collisions and emissions data – ensuring the right information is with the right people at the right time 
  2. Fleet accreditation standards – helping procurers make intelligent and pragmatic decisions 

CLOCS implementation and communication 

  • Group discussion on whether those ‘at the coalface’ understand your company is a CLOCS Champion, the commitment this signifies and what this means to them in practical terms. 
  • Is there a similar challenge up the line, i.e. have senior teams bought into CLOCS commitment? 
  • What resources could be developed, e.g. flyers, webpages, toolbox talks, videos, etc. to deliver a clear and consistent message across the company? 

Further update on site self-assessment tool 

  • How it will work - online 
  • Benefits to all stakeholders – ensuring the right environment for safer vehicle journeys 
  • Validations can lead to possible recognition 
  • Champions can see all performance data across all own sites via dashboard within CLOCS Portal