CLOCS annual membership fee increase from 1st August 2021

12 Jul 2021

As the Construction industry, and our wider society, starts to look beyond Covid-19, it is with a renewed commitment to ‘build back better’. At CLOCS, we are looking at how we can help all Champions to maximise the many commercial and social benefits associated with safer, greener and more efficient construction logistics. 

  • Eliminating risk of collisions that result in harm to vulnerable road users 
  • Driving down emissions and meeting targets for achieving net zero 
  • Delivering social value 

To support our collective ambitions for progress, and as discussed and approved by the CLOCS Working Group last year, the annual membership fee is increasing to £850 per annum from August 2021. This increase enables the CLOCS programme to accelerate progress in preventing harm to the community from collisions and emissions and provide better tools and support to all CLOCS Champions – regulators, clients, contractors and fleet operators. 

Supporting our members 

CLOCS has already achieved significant gains in securing national and regional backing from the Construction Minister, the Government’s Construction Playbook, major construction frameworks, Local Authorities, and many significant clients. 

With increased co-investment from Champions, CLOCS will continue to campaign for policy decisions by regulators, councils and construction clients across the UK to demand compliance with the CLOCS Standard, promoting CLOCS Champions as industry leaders. 

The CLOCS team will also continue to produce better tools and support services to meet the needs of all Champions to help all stakeholders meet our collective ambitions. 

Work already in the pipeline includes: 

  • Champion and project recognition scheme 
  • Online site self-assessment tools helping projects create the right environment for safer deliveries 
  • Advanced CLP training 
  • Formal CLOCS Site Access Traffic Marshall training programme 
  • Improved best practice platforms to help improve performance and opportunity for CLOCS Champions 
  • New resources to educate and inform, specifically around the requirements of the Standard 

With every journey creating harm from emissions and some also creating tragedy from collisions, CLOCS needs to help all Champions be the very best they can be. 

What next?

All organisations becoming new CLOCS Champions after 1st August will pay at the new rate. Existing Champions only pay the new rate from their membership renewal date. 

Champions making a 3-year commitment to CLOCS membership fees benefit from a discount as it reduces the overhead cost of renewals and allows for long term planning and activities.  Please contact the CLOCS team for details. 

If you have any questions or queries, please review the CLOCS website or call the CLOCS team.