Construction Playbook recognises safety outside the workplace and positions CLOCS as national standard

12 Jul 2021

Launched by Cabinet Office in December 2020, the Construction Playbook is a government document about sourcing and contracting public works projects. It captures best practices and outlines the government’s expectations of how contracting authorities and suppliers, including the supply chain, should engage with each other.

Improving building and workplace safety is one of the key objectives of the Playbook and it recognises that safety extends outside the workplace, positioning CLOCS as the national standard for ensuring the safest construction vehicle journeys.

If you are not already signed up as a CLOCS Champion, perhaps it’s time to join the hundreds of other contractors, fleet operators, client and regulators who have done so. Click here to find out more.

With more and more clients, local authorities and frameworks understanding the need for consistent and pragmatic approach to road safety, and also appreciating that this issue does not sit with any one group, they are increasingly procuring for the CLOCS Standard as a fundamental requirement. CLOCS brings all stakeholders together under one standard with a commitment to ensure the safest vehicle journeys with zero collisions between construction vehicles and the community, improved air quality, fewer vehicle journeys, fewer complaints and improved community relations.

Even if you are already a CLOCS Champion, it’s not just about what your company is doing, it’s about everyone involved in your projects so if your client or anyone in your supply chain hasn’t yet signed up to CLOCS, now is the time to get them on board to help you and the rest of the industry eradicate the tragedies of construction-related fatalities and work towards a safer future for everyone.