CLOCS SATM trainer pack now available

4 Jun 2021

CLOCS launched Site Access Traffic Marshall (SATM) accreditation early last year and now has a number of contractors and training providers licenced to deliver this vital training across the country, and several hundred individuals trained and assessed.

Following feedback from a number of Champions, CLOCS has now developed its own standard SATM training pack to assist trainers in becoming approved to deliver formal traffic marshal training underpinned by the national CLOCS Standard.

This new CLOCS designed and branded SATM trainer pack will ensure consistency in the training delivery across the sector and provides a robust competency assessment to ensure everyone has sufficient skills and knowledge to undertake this important role.

Attendance on a CLOCS one-day Train the Trainer course to learn how to deliver the material is mandatory for anyone wishing to become an approved trainer of CLOCS SATM.

Whether you are a training provider wanting to add CLOCS SATM to your course/training portfolio, or a contractor wanting to become approved to train individuals within your own organisation, get in touch now to ensure you are included in our first TTT session in September.

We have a growing waiting list of prospective trainers so for more information on how you can become approved to deliver this training contact Samantha Carter at