Working Group recap

4 May 2021

Each quarter the CLOCS Working Group meets to receive CLOCS updates, discuss issues affecting CLOCS, and work on developments proposed by CLOCS. The Group consists of a balanced mix of CLOCS Champions from each stakeholder group.

To give you a taste of what goes on at them, we have included some highlights from the latest session.

  • The CLOCS Safety Forum has been well received with over 200 people now involved. Suggestions for topics and speakers are always welcomed by the team.
  • SCAPE joined as a CLOCS Champion and will look to make CLOCS compliance one of their KPIs for their frameworks.
  • Site and company recognition scheme – CLOCS is working on ways to better recognise the highest performing Champions and how they address the requirements of the Standard both at an operational level and company-wide.  This will also provide a useful mechanism for capturing and sharing best practice across all Champions.
  • CLOCS Vox – update on progress. The driver feedback app was released in April. Contractors can see their feedback when they sign up online.
  • Purpose of Working Group – a reminder to attendees about the function of the Working Group where 60 CLOCS Champions work together to inform CLOCS strategies and share best practice.
  • Breakout room activity – 3 breakout rooms were formed, each given a topic to discuss and work through potential solutions.
    • Strategic Engagement e.g. lobbying regional/local strategies and develop data for a central CLOCS portal
    • Implementation e.g. training and synergy with MMC
    • Membership e.g. driving recruitment and attractive member benefits

Want to join the CLOCS Working Group?

All CLOCS Champions who have been members for more than 12 months are eligible to apply. As we try to keep the stakeholder groups balanced in numbers, unfortunately not every application can be successful. Exceptions are possible so please get in touch.

Message us to get involved: