Spotlight on CLOCS at CMYA Awards

1 Dec 2020

The CLOCS Works video featured early during last week’s Construction Manager of the Year Awards. 

Chief Executive, Caroline Gumble introduced the video to over 500 construction professionals with their eyes glued to the screen in anticipation of winning one of the one most coveted awards for individual achievement in the industry.  “CIOB has long supported the CLOCS campaign”, she explained, “I’d like to introduce you to some people who should convince you to make CLOCS a priority, to embed it in your organisation and supply chains”.

CLOCS is delighted to be a partner in these awards that celebrated the ‘Finest Construction Managers’ of 2020. Leadership from all those nominated has already achieved notable impact on the teams they have worked with, the buildings and their users. CLOCS protects the communities in which they operate and saves lives beyond the site hoardings – together with CIOB, we are working hard to inspire those who are not already CLOCS champions to demonstrate their leadership skills.

Watch the awards here

Featured above:  Frank Connolly, CIOB Construction Manager of the Year 2020