Construction Minister backs CLOCS works campaign

2 Nov 2020

The CLOCS works campaign is gaining momentum. This month we reached a major milestone when the Construction Minister wrote back to us with a firm personal and departmental commitment to CLOCS.

Minister Zahawi’s endorsement provides a strong steer to other government departments. In addition to responding directly, he forwarded our letter to the Department of Transport, which has rekindled our relationships with senior officials. 

“The Government is committed to making the roads safer for all users. In the Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy Safety Review in 2018 the Government made clear it supports the aims of CLOCS, in particular as it is expanded beyond London.”  Baroness Vere de Norbiton

We have also had significant success in the regions. Metro Mayors for Liverpool and North of Tyne have declared public commitment, and councils from Cumbria to Southampton have responded to the CLOCS Works campaign.

This level of commitment and support is a positive step change for CLOCS as we can build on the leadership of Mayors like Jamie Driscoll to inspire others.

“Protecting our communities by requiring construction projects to meet the national CLOCS Standard makes absolute sense, particularly as many more people need to walk or cycle in response to COVID. I’m delighted to add my support to that of other mayors and community leaders also supporting CLOCS.” North of Tyne Combined Authority Mayor, Jamie Driscoll

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