Procuring for CLOCS

1 Sep 2020

By integrating the CLOCS Standard into procurement strategies and processes you can make it clear from the outset that you wish to work only with suppliers that have taken all reasonable actions to ensure the safest vehicle journeys. Clearly communicating your requirement for compliance throughout the whole supply chain allows for adequate resources to be allocated within the tender price.  

CLOCS resources have been updated to include:

1. CLOCS Guide: How to embed CLOCS in procurement

This guide is for construction procurement and contract managers responsible for procuring site operations and/or associated fleet operations. It will help you to integrate the CLOCS Standard into your procurement strategies, framework agreements and contracts.

Key steps to embed CLOCS in your procurement (p14):

2. Example letter to suppliers

Tell your suppliers why you are implementing CLOCS and give them notice of your intentions. 

3. Example contract clauses

Quick reference to examples of clauses that you can adapt to the scope of your own projects and include in your contract documentation.

Share your contract clauses:

CLOCS would like to see more examples of contract clauses – good or ambiguous clauses, we’d like to see them all.  Email