FORS launches FORS Tacho Service

1 Sep 2020

FORS – the voluntary accreditation scheme for any company operating commercial vehicles anywhere in the UK and overseas – has recently launched FORS Tacho Service, a new tachograph analysis software designed to help ensure accurate and streamlined driver and vehicle data reporting.

The new FORS Tacho Service features cutting edge software provided by Transport Data Interchange (TDi), a FORS Affinity Partner. FORS Affinity Partners are a select group of appointed companies offering discounted, FORS-branded products and services specifically for FORS members.

Members who subscribe to FORS Tacho Service will gain access to a modern, intuitive tachograph analysis platform. Using its comprehensive suite of features will help operators increase accuracy and streamline their reporting processes, making it easier to fulfil Bronze requirement D7 – Working time and drivers’ hours of the FORS Standard. FORS Tacho Service can be securely accessed from anywhere and on any device, supporting multiple methods of data transfer. The software is hosted securely online and is available at discounted rates to FORS members.

For more information about FORS Affinity Partners, click here.

For general information about FORS, including how to join, click here.