New CLOCS case study - London Borough of Croydon

1 Aug 2020

CLOCS has released a new case study about the London Borough of Croydon and their success with CLOCS. This case study has lots of relevant and timely information on how to effectively encourage and implement CLOCS with great results.

Excerpt below:

CLOCS is working in the London Borough (LB) of Croydon. Within its designated Growth Zone, LB Croydon has had no construction-related KSIs since 2017. Last year the council estimated there was a peak of around 700 HGV movements per day with zero complaints.

One of the primary reasons for this has been a commitment by LB Croydon to CLOCS. That belief gave the council the chance to put in place strict Construction Logistics Planning guidance for the Croydon Growth Zone project. Croydon set out clear rules – summarised in a two-page document. Any failure to follow the guidance meant the project being rejected.

To read the case study in full click here or head over to our case studies page.