Tideway maintains operations during COVID 19

29 May 2020

Gordon Sutherland, Road Traffic & Logistics Manager, Tideway (the company building London's 'super sewer'), spoke at a recent CLOCS working group meeting. This article shares some of the actions Tideway have taken to maintain safety-critical tasks and re-start additional operations during COVID-19.

CLOCS Champion Tideway has been using the Site Operating Procedures produced and regularly updated by the Construction Leadership Council. This guidance includes travel to and from work, site access and egress, canteens and rest areas, changing facilities, work planning to avoid close working, first aid and emergency service response. We hope their approach may help other champions to overcome today’s challenges.


  • Safety-critical – what cannot stop?
  • Programme Critical Path
  • What is required and what are the dependencies?
  • What supporting activities can we do safely?
  • Identify activities and number of staff required
  • Assess site layouts
  • Offices, operational zones, haul routes, access/egress, capacity for car parking


1. Produce a detailed programme of work – six weeks minimum

  • List risks – COVID and general risks
  • Give assurance to the workforce that they are supported – and vice versa
  • Welfare layout adjustments, floor plans and signage
  • Rules
  • Site access and egress
  • Site-specific inductions and individual task briefs
  • Monitoring and continuous assessments
  • Do we have sufficient PPE in stock and what do we need to order?

2. Interim Worker Travel Plans

  • Temporarily supersede the approved Worker Travel Plans
  • Allows staff to travel by private car
  • Identifies car parking facilities on site and in vicinity
  • Gives assurance to the Local Planning Authority and TfL that proper consideration has been given to this.
  • Residents and businesses advised, keeping impact to a minimum

3. Social distancing at work-fronts

Extract of a readiness review undertaken for the Albert Embankment worksite:

 4. Resources and their safe limits

Example of attendance level feasibility exercise at a worksite: