Updated: CLOCS Handbook - Assessment for on-site ground conditions

29 May 2020

CLOCS is currently consolidating and updating the CLOCS guides for implementation. The first update is to the 'CLOCS Handbook - Assessment for on-site ground conditions' guide - now available to download, print and use.

After feedback from the industry, this updated guide now has more concise explanatory notes and is in a handy A5 format (previously A4) for easy use around sites. The assessment itself remains the same.

What is it?

The handbook is designed to help you assess and regularly review ground conditions on-site to ensure compliance with the CLOCS Standard.

It focuses on the four main ground condition categories that are the most important factors in determining which vehicles types can operate on sites safely.

This handbook provides a simple methodology to rate the ground conditions of construction, supply and waste sites. These CLOCS site ratings (1-5) provide a benchmark to monitor during operation.

The updates

The updates are designed to make things easier to digest and implement with handy additions to help you and your teams adhere to the CLOCS Standard.

The remaining CLOCS guides for implementation are currently under review and should be released in June/July 2020. If you would like access to the old versions, please contact support@clocs.org.uk

If you are a CLOCS Champion and would like to print this guide using the original artwork files for use across your sites, please contact support@clocs.org.uk.