Your views to ensure CLOCS addresses key issues for next 5 years

30 Apr 2020

The current CLOCS mission is to ensure the safest construction vehicle journeys – zero collisions, less congestion, increased productivity, reduced emissions, and fewer complaints. We need your views by 25/05 on what CLOCS must seek to achieve over the next 5 years and how it should best do that. 

CLOCS was created in London to address a spike in fatal collisions between HGVs and cyclists. Over 540 pedestrians (43%), pedal cyclists (24%) and motorcyclists (33%) are still killed every year in collisions with HGVs. It has grown to operate in many more UK cities and required through a growing number of construction frameworks to reach a tipping point. 

It has become less financially fragile through low-level CLOCS Champion membership fees off-setting reducing public sector investment that is critical to help stimulate sector change. Active Travel strategies and investment by central, regional, and local governments are beginning to work to improve population health and reduce congestion. 

But we still need every UK town/city and construction client/contractor to embed it into their planning and procurement policies to make CLOCS the default standard for construction logistics.

CLOCS and its strategic partners are pulling together its 5-year plan to ensure it addresses what is most needed for the future. Whilst the current mission remains absolutely valid for 2020, CLOCS wants to ensure it is challenged to ensure it is right for the future across the whole of the UK. 

Your views:

The CLOCS board, comprising representatives of all key stakeholder groups and elected by all members of the CLOCS Working Group (approx. 20% of all CLOCS Champions and others), discussed this issue in April and now seeks input from all CLOCS champions and others.

Please provide your concise thoughts (c. 200 words) by 25th May to

All comments will be reviewed by the CLOCS board to help define future strategy and arrangements.

You are particularly asked to support or improve:

  1. It’s mission – retain the current mission or refocus?
  2. Core metrics – what should CLOCS (the collective community of CLOCS Champions and the CLOCS management team) fundamentally achieve? What percentage change should CLOCS commit to?
  3. Which key stakeholders must be involved that aren’t?
  4. What must the CLOCS management/admin team do more/less of?