Site Access Traffic Marshal Training (SATM)

30 Apr 2020

Just before lockdown, CLOCS organised Site Access Traffic Marshal Training (SATM) ‘train the trainer’ days for 6 companies on the Southern Construction Framework. 

These forward-thinking companies were keen to get themselves in a position to deliver their own training schemes to ensure their teams of SATMs are always confident and competent to implement CLOCS at the gate. This two-day course demonstrated how to build a training programme around the CLOCS SATM competency framework and gave participants a unique opportunity to draw on the experience of CLOCS-approved training providers, Alandale. CLOCS would like to thank McGee for donating a driver and a truck to support the practical elements of the syllabus.

The principal contractors who undertook training, are now in a good position to develop their own bespoke training and submit to CLOCS to become ‘CLOCS Approved’ SATM training providers. Any of their staff subsequently trained under their programmes will be certified Site Access Traffic Marshals.

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