FORS Silver compliance

30 Mar 2020

As standards continue to rise across the construction industry, more and more operators are being asked to become CLOCS compliant as a benchmark for safety.

FORS and CLOCS deliberately work together:

  • CLOCS helps clients take ownership for road safety across the supply chain
  • Construction clients implement CLOCS through planning conditions and procurement contracts
  • Fleet operators demonstrate compliance to CLOCS through FORS
  • The schemes have been designed to align to keep compliance simple: operators accredited to FORS Silver are automatically compliant with CLOCS.

Checks are carried out on arrival to CLOCS sites and will include for instance checking that the required blind-spot equipment is fitted and that the driver can demonstrate its functionality – see CLOCS gate check poster.

Those carrying out gate checks should notify FORS if they encounter any FORS-related non-compliance issues with operators upon entry to the site location. The FORS compliance team can then investigate the issue and help the FORS member address any non-compliance issues where applicable, or deal with the non-conformance in line with the FORS Compliance and Enforcement Guide.

To notify any FORS-related non-compliance issues, email

For more information on the FORS Standard and progression to Silver, please visit the FORS website. For a more detailed insight into how FORS and CLOCS fit together, you can watch the online ‘Demystifying CLOCS and FORS webinar’ here.