HSE advisory group accelerates wider adoption of CLOCS

27 Feb 2020

The HSE’s Construction Industry Advisory Network (CONIAN) Managing Risks Well Working Group has adopted the CLOCS Standard as part of the solution to help minimise the impact of Site Transport on communities.

Clive Johnson, chairman of the Managing Risks Well working group and Group Head of Health and Safety at Derwent London plc said, “The CLOCS Standard provides an obvious and successful industry-led solution that accelerates progress in ensuring the safest construction vehicle journeys to/from site, and compliments the other workstreams in Managing Risk Well working group. I encourage all construction regulators, construction clients and principal contractors to understand and adopt CLOCS as their default standard.


The Construction Industry Advisory Committee (CONIAC) advises HSE and relevant stakeholders of emerging health and safety developments and risks in the construction industry, and sets a direction and plan for their promotion and mitigation. CONIAN provides a platform within CONIAC for the construction industry to promote engagement with/between employers to accelerate the adoption of good practice. It has six working groups addressing Managing Risk Well, Keeping Pace with Change, Supporting Small Employers, Tackling Ill Health, Sharing Our Success, and Acting Together. The Managing Risk Well working group has three core themes – Working at Height, Construction Fire and now Site Transport.

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