CLOCS Bulletin March 2017

2 Mar 2017

CLOCS Bulletin
Another 10 new CLOCS Champions - now 425
Breedon Group
D Smith Express
F M Conway
J O'Shea & Sons
Mulalley & Co
PDC Construction Services

Robertson Group
Shadbolt and Sons

CLOCS Progress Event - an overwhelming success
The annual conference and exhibition on 14th March visibly demonstrated the strong and growing commitment by existing and potential CLOCS Champions to take individual and collective action to eliminate injury by HGVs to +500 pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists killed or seriously injured every year right across the UK. CLOCS is very definitely focused on UK-wide adoption and effective implementation of the CLOCS Standard.
The conference applauded the progress and growing commitment, noted the important name change to Construction Logistics and Community Safety, understood how planning and procurement policies are driving change, and importantly challenged/urged every city council and local authority across the UK to adopt the CLOCS national standard in policies that also address air quality, congestion and obesity. The exhibition also allowed hundreds of attendees to see the latest vehicle technologies that really make a difference ..Click for event slides & to give feedback

Thank you to those who attended this event and the fleet operators and display stands.
Accelerated VRU safety through effective investigation and sharing lessons
CLOCS now has over 400 organisations signed up as CLOCS champions, each committed to take action to prevent incident and injury to others, particularly Vulnerable Road Users. Transport for London will soon be launching a Collision Management Toolkit, offering fleet managers a practical solution for managing, reporting, investigating, monitoring and minimising road traffic collisions; sounds like it complements the good work by RoadPeace and others on this. CLOCS recognises that progress across the industry will be accelerated when lessons and appropriate data are shared between companies and has set up a new ‘Learning from Effective Incident Investigations’ task & finish group, first meeting on 10th April to agree its focus and to identify existing efforts. Please contact if you want to know more.

CLOCS Traffic Marshal training
There seems a real gap in the training and qualifications of traffic marshals so CLOCS is addressing it. All agree that traffic marshals are essential to help drivers and vehicles to safely access and leave sites whilst keeping Vulnerable Road Users safe, and to ensure only safe vehicles & drivers are allowed to service sites - as required by the national CLOCS Standard. But there’s no agreement on the traffic marshal’s core responsibilities, operating area/zone, legal powers for controlling traffic & VRUs, or the tools Traffic Marshals need to do the job well. Some courses cover some elements such CITB's A73 Plant & Vehicle Marshaller training or Tideway’s gate team training on vehicle & driver safety, but nothing has yet been found that covers all that is most needed. So CLOCS has formed a Traffic Marshal Training task & finish group of CLOCS champions to address this; Glen Davies is currently drafting the training objectives and learning outcomes for development and piloting in 2017 so please quickly contact if you have any recommendations or want to be involved in the pilot.

CLOCS Champions' Outline Implementation Plans
Since January 2017, all CLOCS Champions are required to provide an outline implementation plan on how they will promote and embed adherence to the CLOCS National Standard within their own operations, by their suppliers, by their members and in their community. Already over 200 have submitted their outline implementation plan - but many still have not - and so are asked to submit an outline implementation plan by 30th April. Please call Greg on 0118 9207 200 if you need clarification or help.

The CLOCS admin/secretariat has reviewed all plans and the results are really encouraging. Clients and contractors have indicated how many construction projects they typically have each year, that all will progressively adhere to CLOCS, and that most are registered with Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) which helps with site monitoring. Almost all fleet operators have also confirmed their willingness to share appropriate incident data - critical to everyone learning lessons quickly.

London Cycling Campaign - making CLOCS implementation 'Business As Usual'
LCC is working closely with CLOCS to reduce road danger from construction sector vehicles - by promoting CLOCS within its 'Lorry Safety' campaign, its communications and advocacy work. It is raising the profile of Vulnerable Road Users and measures to protect, and highlighting to VRUs the action they must take to reduce risk.

LCC is also calling for our streets and junctions to be redesigned to provide safe and direct passage for cyclists and pedestrians. Well over 70% of serious injury or fatal collisions happen at major road junctions in the capital each year, often as a result of motor traffic turning left turning across a cyclistÂ’'s path. These junctions can and must be improved to minimise the danger from turning vehicles and provide safe space for cycling. There are positions which can help to minimise risk when cycling near lorries, such as avoiding the front left lorry risk zone, if put into the risk zone,it is suggested to brake hard to drop behind.

Look Up, Look Out - says UK Power Networks
UK Power Networks' Education and Engagement Team has launched a new campaign, Look Up, Look Out, to educate fleet operators and drivers on the risks associated with overhead electrical cables.

Operators with tipper trucks, grab lorries, agricultural machinery and heavy or mobile plant vehicles are especially at risk and the campaign will remind drivers to check for overhead electricity wires before starting work...
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Don’t forget to claim your CLOCS lapel pin badges to show you’re a CLOCS champion and to inspire others to take action. The 15mm x15mm badges were given out at the annual conference and exhibition in March but if you couldn’t attend or want more, please tell how many you’d like and send a stamped addressed envelope to CLOCS c/o SECBE, 100 Longwater Ave, Reading, RG2 6GP.
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March 2017
Collisions and incidents this month

27 March 2017 – Dublin, Ireland
Cyclist Fatality: - Cyclist dies following collision with truck

21 March 2017 – London
Motorcyclist Fatality: - Kidbrooke crash: Moped rider killed in rush hour crash

20 March 2017 – Ireland
Pedestrian Fatality: - Pedestrian (27) killed after being struck by truck on M1 close to Balbriggan junction

8 March 2017 – York
Pedestrian Injury: Lorry collides with cyclist in York
17 March 2017 – Oldham, Manchester
Pedestrian Injury:Woman seriously injured after being hit by lorry in Oldham- latest updates

Diary Dates

CIH conference in Manchester on 27-28/6

TipEx in Harrogate on 31/5-1/6

11th April: CLOCS and Dragados at London Constructing Excellence Club event

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