Support for your implementation of CLOCS

30 Jan 2020

Every CLOCS Champion is required to complete (and update annually) an Implementation Communication Plan (ICP).  This online form captures an organisation’s strategy to embed the CLOCS Standard throughout their operations and enables tracking of progress on their journey.

The online form aligns with the CLOCS Standard version 3 and the questions provide useful prompts around the actions required to be compliant and invites you to record any barriers and enablers to implementation.

A valuable benefit of membership is the support provided by the CLOCS team who invite you to engage in an annual telephone conversation. Structured around the ICP, this call aims to help you to get the very best value out of your membership.  

Combined, the ICP forms and the annual telephone calls provide valuable two-way communication that enables us, as a community to understand the bigger picture and what is helping and hindering progress towards ‘business-as-usual’ implementation of CLOCS.  

CLOCS Champions:

If you are a Champion and haven't submitted your annual ICP, please head to your CLOCS Portal.

 if you have not had an ICP contact call this membership year, please book here or call Greg on 01189 207 200.