Site Access Traffic Marshal training: first CLOCS-approved training providers announced

30 Jan 2020

Alandale, AtoH and Knight Build are the first three organisations to have their Site Access Traffic Marshal training approved by the CLOCS assessment panel. Each organisation is now approved to deliver training that meets the CLOCS Site Access Traffic Marshal competency framework at least until Jan 2021. Then their training delivery and course content will be formally reviewed to ensure standards are being maintained then re-approved for a further 12 months.

This means any Site Access Traffic Marshal trained and assessed by these organisations will: gain the knowledge and skills to help keep the community and site safer, receive a CLOCS certificate, and their name will appear on the CLOCS website as independent evidence of their training and assessment. This certificate is valid for 3 years and gives employers greater confidence in their abilities and attitude.

Alandale, AtoH and Knight Build

These three organisations submitted details of their training, their delivery methodology, qualifications/experience of the trainers, and their quality management systems to demonstrate their competence. All applicants were also interviewed by the CLOCS panel to ensure everything was robust before approval was given.

Over 10,000 traffic marshals to be trained

But with over 10,000 construction sites across the UK, and each having at least someone managing access to/from the site by vehicles and people alike, there’s a huge need for many more organisations to become CLOCS-approved to deliver Site Access Traffic Marshall training. 

Want to be a CLOCS-approved training provider?

Any organisation with the right experience, skills and systems can apply for their training to be CLOCS-approved. Please apply now.

Once approved, their organisation’s name will appear on the CLOCS website so other organisations wanting CLOCS-approved training can make contact and agree on a fair price with the training provider of their choice. 

For more info: see CLOCS website