FORS: supply chain compliance to ensure efficiency

31 Oct 2019

FORS Silver accredited operators comply with both CLOCS and Transport for London’s Work Related Road Risk (WRRR) requirements. Therefore, FORS Silver accreditation can be used to demonstrate CLOCS as the two schemes are designed to align, to keep compliance simple.

Specifying FORS helps to ensure that all road transport operators contracted by developers or contractors are assessed to meet the highest possible environmental, safety and efficiency standards.

The FORS remit is to improve safety, air quality, reliability and efficiency for all commercial vehicles. Its progressive compliance model is applicable to HGV, van, coach, bus, taxi and powered two-wheeler operators, with an emphasis on continuous development and robust driver and management training.

Specifying FORS ensures that a supply chain is clean, safe, reliable and efficient with the added benefit of incident reduction and public recognition of high standards. FORS allows organisations to continually improve customer experience, build loyalty and boost reputation, while raising awareness of WRRR amongst clients, contractors, developers and suppliers.

To help organisations understand how FORS can help, FORS is running a briefing session for FORS specifiers to assist organisations as they embed FORS into their supply chain. CLOCS Champions specifying FORS are encouraged to attend the briefing session.

The FORS Specifier briefing will be held on 18 November 2019 in Manchester. For more information or to attend visit: