New Governance Group for CLOCS

30 Jul 2019

A new CLOCS Strategy, Standards and Governance Board (SSGB) has been appointed to:

  1. Ensure CLOCS remains progressive and pragmatic in addressing the shared challenge/ambition of ensuring the safe and efficient movement of construction vehicles
  2. Inform, approve and review progress of CLOCS strategies, policies and activities to ensure they remain appropriate and adequate to achieve CLOCS’ mission.
  3. Be a credible and technically competent body to inform and approve significant changes to the CLOCS Standard and other CLOCS documents, and where necessary provide specific authoritative advice/clarifications to other Champions.
  4. Maintain the integrity of the CLOCS programme, including adjudicating on an organisation’s CLOCS Champion status or arbitrate on any escalated complaints
  5. Oversee all significant procurement by the CLOCS programme.

Composition of the group purposefully ensures that there is one representative of each stakeholder group present at each SSGB meeting and includes significant investors.

Nominations were received at the Working Group meeting of 11th July 2019 and the following representatives appointed.

  1. Regulators – Alex Pocklington (Croydon)
  2. Clients – Martin Blake (UoM), Gordon Sutherland (Tideway), Martin Lovegrove (Berkeley Group)
  3. Principal Contractors – Adrian Boughtflower (Mace), Peter Sharman (Mulalley),
  4. Fleet Operators – Carl Milton (Cemex), Adrian Wanford (Balfour Beatty), Richard Burnham (Murphy), Garry Lewis (Tarmac)
  5. Communicators – Kate Cairns (SMSM)

Duties will be shared (not duplicated) where more that representative is named.